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Who doesn’t want a smooth, hair free body and just whizz away those nasty hairs with an epilator. But did you know that you could be doing the whole epilator charade wrong! Believe it or not, you could be getting better results with just some slight modifications. Best Epilators can be used for various areas of the body such as the bikini area, the underarms and the face. Here’s what you need to gather optimal results:

Grab a good quality epilator:

First and foremost you require a sturdy, well performing device. This is necessary so that the epilator removes as many hairs as possible and remains gentle on your skin. So, do your research. Look for epilators that are washable and have both dry and wet settings. An epilator is a great investment.

Prep your skin:

Don’t just dig right into the ritual and horrendously start plucking into your skin. You need to realize that an epilator is basically large scale tweezing of your skin. Start by using an exfoliant, scrubbing your skin is an excellent method to get rid of ingrown hairs. If you are not down for this, a simple bath loofah works just as well exposing ingrown hairs.

Shave the area before hand:

Ever tried epilating long hairs? Ouch! This is why you should try to keep the hairs as short as possible, just about a couple millimeters above the skin. This can be achieved by shaving a couple days before you plan to epilate.

Getting your skin nice and receptive for the session:

It is ideal to hop in the shower or take a nice warm bath. A plain water bath will clean your skin of oils and dirt. In addition, it also helps loosen the hair from the follicles making it easier to remove the hairs.

Choose between wet and dry epilation:

If you want to go for wet epilation pour some shower gel over the area you want to epilate. If you chose dry epilation, the drier your hair the better the experience will be. You can just rub your hair in the opposite direction of growth with a towel; some people even go as far as to directly blow dry the area that is to be epilated.

Start with the trouble areas:

I know this goes against your better judgment, but start with the hairiest area such as the top of your legs or so and end at the sensitive areas such as the ankle. Hold the epilator at a 90 degree angle from your skin ensuring that the hair is removed properly from the roots. Do this while holding your skin taut, loose skin means more pain. Move the epilator in circular motions starting against the direction of your hair growth, take your time.

Soothe your skin afterwards:

Follow up with a nice Aloe Vera gel blend or a soothing moisturizer to take the redness and tingling down a notch.

There you go, you have successfully epilated your hairs away. Here’s to a smoother body!

Best Epilator For Face and Body:

Top 3 Best Epilator for face and body that work without pain

  • Braun Silk Epil 9
  • Philips Satinelle HP6401
  • Braun Silk Epil 7


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