Best Yoga for Heart Disease

Yoga has been remarkably effectual as a meditational activity; it doesn’t stay behind at all when it comes to regaining health as well. With the uber fast life that we all are living and partaking in, health related issues do not come as a surprise. Our food habits, lack of exercise and stress related to work have all been contributing factors to the myriad of health problems that the people of this century face. The most common of these problems and perhaps the most serious are heart diseases. Strokes, heart attacks have become frequented reasons for visits to hospitals. In times such as these, yoga is an amazing tool to revive one’s health and keep problems at bay.

Yoga is essential if you aim to relieve stress, improve your bodily health and even reverse heart disease. Here are some yoga poses that will certainly help achieve that:

The Big Toe Pose:

This pose is called the Padangusthasana, it helps to strengthen the thighs and the calf areas as well. It stretches the hamstrings really well, relieves the brain of stress and leads to reduced anxiousness. It calms the brain and is considered remedial for patients suffering from hypertension. Combinedly, this pose is great to manage and prevent heart diseases. For this pose, one has to stand tall with feet hip-width apart with hands on the hips. The next step is to exhale and grab the big toes while drawing the belly in. The pose is furthered into by relaxing the head and neck downwards.


The Head-to-knee Forward Bend:

This pose is known as the Janu Sirsasana, it comprises of an excellent range of motion to stretch the spine, the shoulders and the groin area. Practicing this pose also results in reduced stress levels, relieves mild depression, anxiety. It helps do away with fatigue and lethargy and even helps cure insomnia. This pose too is helpful for managing high blood pressure and good for maintaining a healthy heart. This pose starts in a seated position with extended legs, the right knee at a right angle with the flat of the right foot pressing against the other leg. The other leg is stretched straight ahead and the pose is eased into by leaning the head and the chin into the knee of the stretched leg and grabbing the heel of the foot on that leg.

Janu Sirsasana

The Reclining Big Toe Pose:

This pose known as the Supta Padangusthasasna helps to stretch the hips, thighs and hamstrings and is helpful for managing backache, hypertension and sciatica in addition to aiding to heart health. This pose is achieved by laying on the back and legs extended out front. At each exhale one leg is lifted while pressing the other leg down with your hand, the stretched out leg is grabbed by the toe while lifting the head and the upper back. This pose is furthered into by reaching through the pointed toe of the stretched over leg.

Supta Padangusthasasna


Yoga is an amazing tool to manage and prevent heart diseases of various kinds. It does so by reducing stress, improving blood flow and thus aiding to the overall longevity of healthy heart functioning.


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